Janet Wright Executive CoachCertified Executive Coach & Padraig Associate

For over 25 years, Janet has worked with individuals and organizations to build skills for growth and success, improving effectiveness in leadership, communication, performance management and team development. Her clients come from a wide range of backgrounds and industries; with her direct, logical communication style, Janet connects well with leaders who are adept at the technical aspects of their jobs but would like a bit of help with their people responsibilities.

The feedback Janet consistently receives is that she is an entertaining, approachable facilitator who enables participants to focus on the practical application of proven techniques. As a coach, Janet creates a positive, supportive space that inspires new ideas and actions and builds confidence.

In addition to her coaching, Janet has led Human Resources in the hospitality industry, owned a small business, mediated conflicts for the Alberta Civil Court and taught psychology and assertiveness training at the community college level.

She holds a Master’s degree in Adult Education and Counselling and graduate certificates in Executive Coaching and Conflict Mediation. Janet is certified and experienced in a range of assessment tools including DISC, MBTI, Workplace Motivators, EQi and SuccessFinder.

Janet interviewed about her approach to coaching:

Client Testimonials:

One of the first areas of focus for me was building my sense of belonging/confidence within our senior management team. This was driven primarily by the fact that I decided to go to college and always wished that I had gone to university and obtained a degree. Within the first couple of minutes working with Janet she took a very direct and logical way of addressing this which made me feel more at ease.

I really appreciated Janet’s genuine, inquisitive approach and her sense of humour. I would recommend Janet for anyone who is looking to change their perspective and learn how to look at things from a different/higher level.

Overall I feel that the time I spent with Janet has had a substantial positive impact on my leadership development and has given me a perspective that will remain with me forever.

It has been an absolute pleasure to meet with Janet over the past two years.  Janet always listened intently, asked the right questions and made it easy and more collaborative to discuss topics of concern.  I have gained a lot of valuable insight into my leadership journey and I know I will continue to benefit from the discussions and coaching I received from Janet for many years to come.

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