HR Trends

9 HR trends as we turn the corner on the pandemic

There are several HR trends we’re seeing as we return to a new normal two years after the Covid-19 pandemic swept the globe. As we’ve discussed before, there were some surprising lessons we learned from working remotely during lockdowns. It makes sense that a common theme we’re hearing from our coaching clients is how their […]

back to the office or work from home

Back to The Office or Work From Home?

So many leaders we are talking with these days are consumed by the same issue: What does “back to the office” look like for their organization? There’s a lot for leaders to consider when thinking about returning to work. We’ve heard of organizations who are declaring the office obsolete and embracing work from home. We’ve […]

What to consider when preparing to return to work

Now that things are reopening, many of us are preparing to return to work. Whether you’re already partly there, or still anticipating it, here are some things related to career coaching to think about as we ease back into a life that is closer to how things were before the pandemic — yet still so […]

return to work anxiety

Managing COVID-19 Return to Work Anxiety

Return to work anxiety is not unexpected, given the ongoing uncertainty about the COVID-19 virus, increased outbreaks in some areas of the globe and the financial strain faced by many.  We’ve talked about how leaders can help their team members transition back to work, but it’s not necessarily any easier on those of us in […]