delegate effectively

How to delegate effectively to save time and your sanity

It’s no secret: An important best practice in leadership circles is to spend your time on tasks and projects that are the best use of your time and delegate the rest. Why then, as managers and leaders, don’t we delegate more often and more effectively? The most common excuse I hear from my clients who […]

How to shift from directive leadership to decisive leadership

How to shift from directive leadership to decisive leadership

Making decisions is an art. Making them fast, with grace – style even – is something that leaders everywhere aspire to achieve. We all have an image in our minds about a strong, charismatic leader who makes decisions off the side of their desk, solving problems in an instant. I want to challenge that idea. […]

organization's vision

Do your organization’s vision and values really line up?

At Padraig, we work with a lot of leaders. Sometimes they lead a unit or a group of frontline staff within their organization, sometimes they have layers of managers and staff reporting to them, and often they are the CEO with everyone reporting to them. One of the most frequent challenges our senior leaders talk […]


4 steps to empowering your team

We talk a lot, these days, about empowering our teams. That probably sounds like it’s a good thing — giving our people the authority to make decisions, to take initiative, and to guide the direction of the organization. But, there may be a couple challenges with that: Some of us may feel uncomfortable giving up […]