Patrick O'Reilly on the TEDx Winnipeg Stage for The Golden Rule is Wrong
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A New Look at Leadership

At Padraig our mission is to help “good leaders be great and strong teams to be extraordinary.”  Patrick O’Reilly, our Head Coach, delivers incredible return on your investment when he speaks at your industry gatherings, leadership conferences and company meetings.

Patrick’s style is both engaging and practical, drawing in the audience while bringing with him decades of hands-on leadership experience, masterful coaching skills and anecdotes that will have the crowd thinking “hey, I’ve been there” and “Wow, I could do that!”

Popular Topics

The Golden Rule is Wrong – and What You Can Do About It

First shared as a TEDx talk, Patrick brings this essential topics to leaders and employees at all levels of organizations.

Is this you? You’re treating your people well, you’re recognizing them and supporting them in ways you would want to be supported if you were in their role yet sometimes it seems to not be working. Some employees don’t seem to rise up to their full potential; others may seem resentful or ungrateful for your interventions and yet others achieve even more than you hope and seem to thrive under your leadership.

Imagine instead all of your team members thrive under your leadership and you’re not only bringing out the best in everyone, they’re all contributing more than you ever imagined and your team is achieving wins you never thought possible. Your peers are wondering what your secret is, and your boss is admiring your newfound wins.

You will leave the session not only with an “A-HA” but with practical tips on how to lead the individual rather than lead the team, based on leading others the way they need to be led, rather than the way we would want to be led.

Conflict Will Make Your Team Stronger — Yes, Conflict

It may sound counter-intuitive, but embracing conflict around ideas is at the core of successful teams.  Building on the principles of the best-selling book, The Five Dysfunctions of a Team, Patrick will make the theories real and will inspire the audience to build trust with their teams, to foster conflict around ideas.  He’ll leave your participants with the tools to move away from personality-based conflict while diving confidently into conflict around ideas to make the team more successful.

Testimonials from audience participants:

Patrick was a very skilled presenter; he managed the group in a highly effective manner. He spoke intelligently but without unnecessary jargon. He was highly articulate, had deep knowledge of the topic and understood the subtleties and sensitivities of working with such a diverse team.

Fun, upbeat, realistic and practical. Great takeaways!

Thank you very much it was a wonderful session yesterday and you are a great presenter, your delivery is down to earth, yet professional and I felt inspired afterwards. I walked away feeling energized and I could tell others felt similar.

Great session – Patrick was very engaging and had some great information to share.

You mined our organization to get insight into our issues, and then you effectively guided us as we dealt with them. I’m cynical about workshops as a rule, but you are smart, and focussed and very helpful.

Very Engaging. Great speaker. I learned lots from this session due and had lots to take away that I can use in my everyday job.

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His TEDx talk – The Golden Rule is Wrong (and what we can do about it):

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