Solving Problems – While Building Better Relationships

Essential Conversations are any conversation between two or more people where the stakes are high and “agree to disagree” is not an option.

A leader’s life is filled with essential conversations:

  • Confronting staff about problems with their performance;
  • Misalignment or competition with allies and peers;
  • Struggles with the board or boss;
  • Dealing with misbehavior by colleagues;
  • Negotiations with clients and stakeholders, or
  • Conversations around power and privilege
projects-2So many of us avoid conflict.  What might our work be like, if we were equipped to deal with difficulties and challenges in a way that improved our relationships?

Essential Conversations help you to enrich your relationships by using a heartfelt and honest approach, based on curiosity.

Participants leave with a model for one-to-one essential conversations and a model for group essential conversations. They will have an opportunity to plan and practise essential conversations and will leave with a handbook to guide them in practising this critical skill of having essential conversations.

Essential Conversations is designed to facilitate good confrontation and to search for the truth(s). This workshop is an opportunity to give yourself and others the benefit of being genuinely curious. Fully understanding a situation is the first step to dealing with it effectively. Ultimately you’ll learn how to address negative behaviours to avoid those behaviours becoming the norm.

The Workshop Overview

A Tangible, hands-on approach to having difficult conversations

This workshop includes

In our Essential Conversations Workshop, your team members learn how to stop avoiding and start tackling the elephant in the room.

This workshop will help participants build confidence and skill in how to have better conversations to enrich their relationships.

We believe that having essential conversations and building strong relationships are core competencies of leadership.

In this workshop we spend a little time on theory and technique and a lot of time on practice – having real conversations about real issues and learning on-the-spot how to:

  • Question reality;
  • Stimulate wisdom, and
  • Tackle challenges, all while
  • Enriching relationships.

What do Participants Learn?

With Essential Conversations Workshop your team members will learn how to:

  • Have the conversation that is needed to address and change behaviours and attitudes;
  • Know when feedback and coaching is no longer appropriate, and confrontation of issues is needed, and
  • Conclude the conversation with a stronger, enriched relationship.

We also walk through the Common Errors that we see in Essential Conversations to help you avoid them.

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A proven approach

The Padraig Essential Conversations Workshop has a tremendous Return on Investment (ROI).  We have seen great success with this program.

Are You or Your Team struggling with unspoken challenges?  Are there conversations you know need to be had but aren’t?

To discuss how our Essential Conversations will help you and your organization, give us a call.  Patrick O’Reilly can be reached at:

Telephone Toll Free:  (855) 818-0600 ext 101


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