Minimizing disruption and maximizing success when a new leader is hired

Are You Starting a New Leadership Role?

First impressions matter

You want to start off on the right foot and get the team working with you. Padraig Coaching & Consulting has developed an exceptional program to do just that.

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Accelerating Success

We call this short program “Accelerating Success” and it focuses exclusively on getting everyone through the learning curves quickly, and functioning as a high-performance team.

We help the leader quickly get to know their team – the individuals, the issues and the obstacles, along with the team getting to know the leader – their priorities, their idiosyncrasies and their style — things that usually take months to learn – all in a couple of days. We explore issues that come up with the team around clients, goals, plans, teamwork, leadership styles and communication. As one of our clients described it “they helped us get all the “BS” that no one wanted to talk about out onto the table quickly, efficiently and diplomatically, so we could deal with it, answer questions, squelch concerns and rumours, and get on with being a motivated and successful team.”

We help the team start having “essential conversations” based on trust and open, honest dialogue designed to enhance relationships.  This short commitment leads to long-term success.  Typically we can accomplish months worth of adaptation and help an executive or senior leader hit the ground running with a bit of preparatory work followed by only one or two days away from the office with their team.

The Workshop Overview

Preparing the team for a new leader and preparing the new leader for the team

This workshop includes

  • custom questionnaire answered by each team member and a separate series of thought-provoking questions for the new leader,
  • one-to-one pre-workshop interview with a certified coach, for each participant, and
  • engaging facilitation focused on the specific team issues.

Direct Outcome: Participants sort through the opportunities and challenges facing the team and come up with an action plan for the next 6 months.

Indirect Outcome: Participants realize they can talk about the tough topics and work through them — giving your team the tools to continue solving problems and growing more high-performing even after leaving the workshop!

Yesterday was the most productive meeting of its kind that I have participated in for a decade. Thanks for leading the time and the legwork beforehand.

– Brian Hagerman, Senior Development Manager, New York Life

“I was brought in under very difficult circumstances. On a scale of 1 to 10, before the Accelerating Success program I would say my new team’s relationship with me was hovering near a one. After the program it was easily a nine and now, six weeks later I would say it is still and eight or nine. This program was amazing – a game changer.”

– A College Director

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A proven approach

The Padraig Accelerating Success Leadership Training Program has a tremendous Return on Investment (ROI). We do this through structured feedback questionnaires and one-on-one telephone interviews with each member of the team individually and confidentially, custom-tailored to the team’s specific situation. We then use what we’ve learned in a highly facilitated retreat, using a coach approach with the executive and their team — guiding them through trust-building and problem solving, grabbing new opportunities and defining a measurable plan, all while strengthening the team dynamics.

We have seen great success with this program in numerous industries and have found that clients who hire us to deliver Accelerating Success with a new leader, usually bring us back to assist future hires.

The Accelerating Success program, like most “learning programs” is dramatically strengthened when the incoming new leader also engages an executive coach.

We have written a thorough case-study on this program with one of our clients who used it — they found a staggering 27x return on investment!

Find the case study here.

Are You Hiring an Executive Leader?

A Significant Investment

Hiring a new senior leader is an expensive endeavour. Recruitment, advertising, headhunting, relocation all cost a lot of money. If the new leader doesn’t succeed you have lost a major investment, but perhaps more importantly you’ve lost time and credibility. Staff are leaderless during recurring transitions, long-term goals and strategic direction get put on pause when the leadership is vacant.

Accelerating Success

The Accelerating Success program from Padraig Coaching & Consulting is designed specifically to mitigate the risks of a slow start or rough start for the new leader, it gives the extra coaching that teams need to quickly adapt to the new leader and start delivering again.

Are you hiring a new leader, or starting in a new leadership role yourself? Do you want to ensure a smooth transition?
To discuss how our Accelerating Success Leadership Training Program in Canada will help you and your organization, give us a call. Patrick O’Reilly can be reached at:
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