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Almost anyone who is great at their chosen field has a career coach to help them. Whether they are an athlete, an actor, or even the CEO of Google, they have someone coaching them. This doesn’t mean they couldn’t do it on their own, or that the career coach is better than them at their field of expertise, and it certainly doesn’t mean they were “under-performing” in their role!

It does mean they have someone on their side, someone they can trust implicitly, a “thinking partner” who will watch their performance from an outside point of view and coach them on how to improve.

None of us recognizes every obstacle we face, we don’t always see how we could improve, and often our ability to grow is constrained by the reality around us. Having someone outside all of that, with whom you can speak freely, who will coach you and push you to new levels gives you an enormous opportunity to get even better and be even more successful. At Padraig Coaching and Consulting, we are the executive coaches who will give you the chance to expand your thinking, extend your reach and deliver beyond what you may have thought possible!

How does our coaching process work?

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Benefits to the Company

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We are accredited members of the International Coach Federation.  If you’re hiring a coach, please make sure they have accreditation with the ICF !