The Partnership

Accelerate your leadership with our high-impact, small group coached program.

Designed for experienced leaders who want to boost their success and work with a coach while developing a network of trusted peers.

While your staff can certainly join one of our public Partnership groups, we can also create groups within your organization. We work with you to curate every group to bring together leaders who are at similar levels and face similar challenges. Their shared experience and coaching by one of our acclaimed internationally certified executive coaches will help them grow in their leadership roles.

The Partnership Program brings success.

Shared Knowledge and Experience

Work with successful peers who have a fresh perspective, broad experience and knowledge  — and who have likely been through what you’re going through.

Professional Coaching

The Partnership is coached, facilitated and guided by one of our highly acclaimed, internationally-certified executive coaches. Each group discussion is coached and every member has one-to-one private coaching as well.

Tools, Tactic and Tips

Membership in The Partnership provides participants with access to our self-paced learning courses free of charge. The group’s coach will use individual tools where appropriate in coaching sessions and participant can access courses at any time during the year.

Focus and Commitment

Our Executive Coaches ensure Partnership meetings are kept focused on key leadership questions raised by group members as part of Leading Self, Leading Others and Leading the Organization. That commitment to a regularly scheduled, deep dive into leadership skills, opportunities and challenges brings enormous benefits.

Connection and Community

Whether you want us to create a Partnership Cohort within your organization, or you want to send some of your leaders to our public groups, they will have the opportunity to support other leaders and be supported by those peers as they all grow in their leadership success. Having a community to turn to for support, talk openly with and grow together is the number one thing most leaders tell us they wish they had.


Being part of a small, focused group of peers brings with it responsibility. Peers hold each other accountable to achieve the goals they’ve set for themselves. Your Partners will support you, help you, inquire into your progress and celebrate your wins with you.


We launched The Partnership in autumn 2020. As the number of cohorts grows and annual commitments renew, our community of alumni in The Partnership will constantly expand. Our alumni benefits will increase over time and starts with access to a wide network of leaders in private, public and non-profit organizations.

Examples of Challenges Partnership Participants Work on:

The biggest leadership challenge I face is working with individuals as individuals. Whether they are employees or other stakeholders I get the best results when I understand who I‘m working with and I tailor my approach, but I find that challenging when I’m busy and stressed.

When I was promoted to an executive role, I was presumed a leader and expected to demonstrate leadership excellence with no real experience and no training, and I feel like that is catching up to me.

I see leadership as motivating and supporting myself, managing my staff, influencing my peers and contributing to the whole organization and it feels very lonely trying to lead in all directions.

Confidence for me comes and goes. I can go for long stretches feeling in control, seeing what’s coming and planning and adapting to the upcoming tasks. But when I make mistakes, and we all do, I seem to lose the confidence as well as the abilities and tools I was using before.

Trying to juggle my own priorities for the organization and everyone else’s to deliver expected results while finding the time to lead, coach and mentor along the way is exhausting.

Trying to juggle my own priorities for the organization and everyone else’s to deliver expected results while finding the time to lead, coach and mentor along the way is exhausting.

Who should join this program?

Whether you want us to create a group within your organization or you want to send some leaders to our public cohorts, we recommend participants:

have experienced and are currently leading or managing others in the workplace;

have high regard for confidentiality;

want to be part of a small, dynamic, successful group of leaders who are learning from each other;

have a commitment to mutual respect and learning, and

are willing to give of themselves, sharing their knowledge and their expertise;

also want the enormous ongoing benefits of working with your own certified executive coach.

What’s included in The Partnership?

  • Your Partnership group will be you and 3-5 other leaders who are at similar levels and with similar career experience so you can learn from each other in a safe, confidential, collaborative environment while being fully supported by a certified executive coach.
  • Nine live interactive 2-hour sessions with your partnership team and your Padraig Certified Executive Coach (monthly except December, July and August).
  • Group coaching topics will be chosen by the group so that we’re working on what you want to work on (and your coach can offer suggestions, if needed).
  • Four 1-hour private 1-to-1 coaching sessions with your Padraig Certified Executive Coach – scheduled at your convenience.
  • A constantly growing library of downloadable tools and worksheets to tackle many different leadership challenges.
  • Complimentary access to all live Padraig webinars we will offer throughout the year on topics related to leading organizations, leading others and leading self.
  • Recordings of Padraig webinars added to your personal digital library.
  • An online forum for you and your Partnership group to share information, assist each other and ask questions of each other and your coach.
  • Another online forum for you to join the alumni from all current and past cohorts of The Partnership to help you build a vast network of peers and colleagues outside your organization.
  • A private online journal – to take notes during discussions and to use for private journaling. Share journal notes back and forth privately with your coach.
  • Deep discounts on Padraig live workshops for you and your team including both virtual and face-to-face workshops and on Padraig self-paced online classes: 15% off live (virtual or in-person) training in which you are one of the participants, and 30% off self-paced online classes.

What do our alumni have to say?

Our coach asks great coaching questions that get us thinking deeply. The manager’s in our group are all very seasoned and I have learned a lot from their perspectives and experiences shared. I also like the unstructured approach to our group. We do have articles to read beforehand but the learning happens in the conversations.

Participant in The Partnership – Public Cohort

Our company is a spread out across 6 provinces.   The program has helped me explore my leadership practice with peers in the company.  The focus on the self has helped me reflect on my weaknesses and leverage my strengths.  The focus on the team has further developed relationships that will provide benefits for each of us in the group and for the company.

Participant in The Partnership – Corporate Cohort

I think that this peer group is the ticket. I did a year of one-on-one coaching, which was excellent, but having others in the coaching with you really opens your mind and you can learn and discuss and take in what they are saying.

Participant in The Partnership – Public Cohort

The group sessions have reinforced that I’m on the right track and that others are facing similar challenges and experiences. I’ve taken away a few key lessons that I’m trying to integrate into my daily work.

Participant in The Partnership – Public Cohort

Ok, so how does this work?

We launch cohorts of The Partnership twice per year (September and January).


When you register for the program you will tell us a bit about yourself (your current role and responsibilities, some of the challenges you would like to solve and the strengths you would like to capitalize on). This is all kept strictly confidential.

Prior to the launch date we then create small peer groups of leaders at similar levels of career experience and responsibility.  Your Partnership group will be you and 3-5 others, working with your group’s own coach.

You’ll meet your colleagues and your coach at the first session and immediately dive into group coaching around topics the group wishes to discuss.

Access to all online tools and other benefits begins immediately on the launch date.

How much does The Partnership cost?

Other high-value, executive peer groups charge between $10,000 – $18,000 per year for membership in one of these groups (often with up to 12 people participating)!

We know that’s out of reach for most leaders and a group of 12 is just too big for confidential, quality sharing. We want to build community and support you to be strong, admired leaders.

We have always believed our business has grown as successfully as it has because we have given our clients exceptional returns on their investments with us – and they (you) have, in turn, repeated business with us and referred us to friends, colleagues and allies.

That has served us, and you, very well for nearly a decade so we’re not about to change it now.

Your participants can join our public cohorts for $3,995, or we can arrange an in-house program for the same price per participant.