Earn Leadership Badges

What are digital badges?

A digital badge is a “smart” icon that holds digital credentials representing your training and achievements. The badge and the data built into it verify and share your accomplishments, skills and competencies online. A digital badge provides employers, clients, stakeholders and peers with verified proof of:

  • the Padraig course or program you completed;
  • the skills you learned, and
  • the competencies you’ve built.

Padraig uses badges that meet the standards of OpenBadge – the global standard for digital credentials. We issue them through CanCred.

Which Padraig Courses offer digital badges?

We are currently offering digital badges for five of our core leadership courses:

Successfully completing any course above earns a digital badge!

digital badges offered by Padraig

Earn a Certificate

Completing these four courses also earns you the Leadership Foundations Certificate — another digital credential to highlight your commitment to leadership growth.

(You can complete the four courses one at a time or as part of The Network):

  • Flexible Leadership (aka DiSC Management)
  • Teamwork Fundamentals
  • Productive Conflict
  • Agile Leadership
  • We’ll be offering more badges in future. And, don’t worry, if you’ve taken a course with us that subsequently gets “badged” we’ll reach out to award you the badge retroactively.

    I like it! How do I get a digital badge?

    Earn it:

    When you complete one of our applicable courses, you’ll receive an email from Padraig via issuer@factory.cancred.ca confirming that you’ve earned the badge.

    Claim it:

    Follow the steps listed in the email to create your free account at CanCred. Once you’ve set-up your account, you can claim your badge.

    Share it!

    CanCred allows you to share your badge on your social media profile (we suggest LinkedIn!) and you can embed the badge into your website, your digital resume, etc. You can even put it in the digital signature in your email.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    What if I took the course before you started issuing digital badges?

    Beginning April 1, 2021, badges will be awarded to you automatically upon completion of any course that carries a badge.

    We are reaching out to all Padraig clients how have previously completed courses that earn a badge – to offer guided assistance to retrieving their badge.

    If you’ve taken training with Padraig prior to that date and have not yet heard from us, please click the course you took below:

    Do I have to pay for the badge?

    No. You earn the badge by completing the course or workshop with us.

    Why would I want a digital badge? What can I do with it?

    As a badge earner, you can collect multiple badges from different issuers across the learning contexts of your life. This can include education, training, work experience, hobbies, volunteering and various other activities and achievements. The badges you earn will help you tell a more complete story of your skills, achievements and interests.

    You can share your badges on social media such as LinkedIn to demonstrate your experience or knowledge and you can curate them in ePortfolios or skills passports to help you achieve your goals in employment, professional networking, education or lifelong learning. You can share them with other passport holders, or publicly, or keep some of them private – it’s your choice and you can change your mind anytime.

    What is a badge passport and how do I use it?

    A passport is an online portfolio where you can keep your digital badges. Passports let you receive, organize and share badges. Padraig issues badges through Canada’s leading credential badge agency, CanCred. The CanCred Passport is free.

    If I have other badges, can I store them in my CanCred Passport?

    Absolutely!  You can store all your other digital badges in the CanCred passport as long as those badges are compatible with the global Open Badge standard.

    Do I have to be Canadian or live in Canada to use a CanCred passport?

    Definitely not.  Padraig uses CanCred because we’re a proud Canadian-owned company, and our badges are available to our clients worldwide.

    How do I share my badge on LinkedIn?

    Note: These instructions are designed for laptops and desktop computers.

    Go to your Badge page and select the badge you want to share

    Select the Social tab in the pop-up window that opens. Make sure the badge is set to [PUBLIC] so it can be shared.

    Select the LinkedIn icon under the heading Share this badge

    A pop-up window appears labeled Share on LinkedIn

    Before proceeding, resize your browser window about 50% smaller and move it to the left half of your screen (you’ll see why below..)

    Select [Add to profile]

    Note: You can also share to your LinkedIn newsfeed. Try this after.

    A new small window opens with an empty “Licenses and Certifications” form, ready to complete. At the same time, your original window has been filled with the information you need to copy and paste.

    Move the new window to the right half of your computer screen so you can see both.

    Use the handy [Copy] buttons to complete the LinkedIn form.

    Use the dropdown menus to set the correct dates. For expiry, enter the date or check the box This credential does not expire.

    When finished, select [Save]

    Your badge is now visible in the “Licenses and Certifications” section of your LinkedIn profile.

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