Patrick O'Reilly, Padraig Executive Coach

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Please use this page to book a coaching session with Patrick in at the Padraig offices in Winnipeg (Face to Face).

(Feel free to bookmark this URL so you can easily return to schedule appointments).

Our Office is located at:

112 Market Avenue

Suite 300

Winnipeg, MB R3B 0P4

Calendar Instructions

Please select a day and time for your appointment below. (If you have a choice of appointment types, please choose that first).

You will then have 3 options:

“CONTINUE” lets you finalize this one booking.

“ADD A TIME” lets you save this one booking and add a second (or third, fourth, etc) appointment to this booking. The system will show you a list of the days/times you have selected before you finalize. Handy if you are a new coaching client and want to book all your sessions at once.

“RECURRING” allows you to book the same day/time on a regular basis (though this is often difficult when your calendar has conflicts and/or the coach’s calendar has conflicts). On days where there are conflicts, the system will show you the time with a line through it – indicating that day/time is not available, but showing you others that are available. It may be easier to book multiple single appointments using “ADD A TIME” above.

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