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Employee Retention-Keeping your top talent

Employee retention is beginning to matter a lot more to many businesses. We saw this as the Great Resignation swept the US last year, with millions of unfilled job openings and reportedly more than four million workers who quit their jobs – both significantly higher than in recent decades. It’s perhaps not surprising that the […]

Signs of overwork in your organization

For years there have been countless articles written about the need for work-life balance. It’s a seemingly never-ending problem. It can be especially challenging for leaders new to a role – who want to prove they are capable and produce results – to assess. Or, if the organization is proud of having a hustle culture, […]

Is transparency good leadership practice?

During turbulent times, most of us crave stability and security in the workplace. This is why good leadership, more now than ever, requires transparency. As we head into the third year of the pandemic, people are weary of the unknown and fed up with being blindsided by surprising information. In addition to job security and […]

When Your Values No Longer Line Up With Your Company

How well do your values align with your company? Perhaps there is an obvious disconnect; for example, you are passionate about the environment and your organization puts profits before environmental stewardship. We’ve talked with leaders who describe their organization’s mission or their corporate goals as “soul-less” or completely contrary to what they personally hold to […]

How to Move Past Mistakes and Continue to Lead Confidently

Think about past mistakes you’ve made during your career. What comes to mind? Most of us will remember past mistakes that were big and some that were small. At Padraig, when we speak with clients, they remember how they felt at the time. Cringy. Embarrassed. Afraid. The thing is, mistakes happen. Everyone makes mistakes. We […]

At what point is your management career most at risk??

What we’ve seen and heard from thousands of clients in hundreds of organizations over the last nine years is that the biggest challenge individual leaders had to get through in their career – and the biggest risk companies face in people management – is…that first big step from worker to manager. If you’re facing this, […]

Why making assumptions can be damaging your team

Making assumptions can be a problem for anyone but particularly for a leader in the workplace. When we assume things about ourselves, other people or circumstances, it can cause: Division, possibly to the point of creating a toxic work culture Hard feelings, which foster discontent and complacency Loss of motivation, feeling there’s no point Team […]

Is escalating conflict threatening your team?

In our last blog, we looked at conflict and individuals: How to recognize it in ourselves and others, and how resolving conflict always starts with “the why.” Productivity and performance suffer for a few reasons: A team that lacks cohesion is not going to be as effective as a team where everyone trusts and works […]