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Changing Other People

Occasionally clients will tell me that some of the people in their lives frustrate them from time to time. They don’t like the way one of their staff does “this” or the way their boss handles “that” or the way a colleague “let’s this happen.” Often these clients will ask me “how do I get […]

How Do You Make Your Best Decisions?

The higher you climb up the corporate ladder, the more you will be receiving advice from other people — in order for you to make the tough decisions. The challenge, often, is to make the decision based on the best information possible. Some decisions come after significant preparatory work while some are spur of the […]

Is Compromise a bad thing?

Sometimes successful leaders just know they’re right. We know our goals are noble, we know how we want to get there, and we know we can be successful. And sometimes someone with whom we are working seems determined to thwart us. Sam Rayburn, the legendary Speaker of the US House of Representatives famously stood by […]

How to Tackle the Peter Principle

Have you ever heard of the Peter principle? It’s a theory commonly, if not derogatorily, popularized in the 70’s that says people get promoted to their level of incompetence, at which point they stagnate; presumably feeling miserable, and making those around them feel the same. Not a very cheery picture. A closely related notion is […]

Advice for Your Younger Self

Is it ever too late for your own advice? I’ve got an interesting question for you today; but first I need you to do a bit of imagining. Try to remember, for a moment, what you were like when you were first starting your climb up the leadership ladder. Can you picture the younger you? […]

Getting There With “Why?”

A recent article in Fast Company, the innovative business magazine, got me thinking about the question “WHY?” Anyone who has ever spent time with a pre-schooler can tell you two things about the single word question “WHY?” — it is both very effective and highly irritating. “Why is the sky blue?” “Well, because the oceans are reflecting […]

Padraig Incorporates

WINNIPEG, December 12, 2012 — Patrick O’Reilly, founder and owner, is pleased to announce that today in Ottawa the Director General of Corporations Canada has approved the incorporation of Padraig Coaching & Consulting Inc. as a federally incorporated business. With this move, the company has been renamed to better reflect its strong focus on executive […]