7 ways to build an abundant mindset

Dec 31, 2019 | Coach's Questions

I had a recent experience where the owner of a small company explained on Facebook that it was time to cull the old Facebook friend list because while that friend list had expanded to 1,000+ names, it was obvious that no one could have that many true friends. 

As part of the explanation, the business owner noted: “Facebook has given me the false impression that I know you all. And, yes, I might see it’s your birthday, that you’re doing home renovations or that you have a great garden, or that you’re traveling somewhere exciting (yet you aren’t one of my clients, so frankly I don’t care).”

In other words, “if you’re not giving me your business for X, I don’t care about your X”. 

Ouch. What struck me when I read this post is that this was written by someone who does not have an abundant mindset. This is someone who sees a limit to friendships, interactions, business, and possibilities.

Even though this was on Facebook and not LinkedIn (therefore a friend forum and not a business forum), it reflects the effect a non-abundant mindset can have on us professionally.

Would you feel like doing business with someone who cuts you from a list because you haven’t done business YET?

Would you wonder how much is ENOUGH business to make the cut?

Would you trust if the person interacted with your posts that this person genuinely wanted to connect or would you feel that it was really an attempt to hook you as a business opportunity?

As we’ve discussed in a previous blog, limiting beliefs can hold you back – personally and professionally – and perhaps even in ways we don’t realize. But, don’t despair! We can re-train our brains to think differently and rewrite the script.

abundant mindset

Here are seven tips to help you build an abundant mindset:

  1. Think without borders. Don’t set parameters when you dream about possibilities and set big goals. Be audacious! If you set limits at the outset you’re not going to be reaching very far.

  2. Push fear away and be curious and excited. Yes, change can be scary – but so is never taking a risk and stagnating. Change allows us the potential to grow and experience positives we otherwise would never encounter. Practice embracing change and being open to new opportunities!

  3. Don’t rest on your laurels! Never stop learning. If you have an abundant mindset, you understand that no matter how brilliant or accomplished any of us are there is still more to learn and experience. There are always areas in which we can develop and grow because it’s impossible to learn everything. See where being insatiably curious and trying new things takes you.

  4. Get off the sidelines and hustle. You can sit back and wait for things to happen in life (and perhaps react to them), or you can actively seek possibilities in life. If you have an abundant mindset, you will be pro-active.  (You can use our ultimate goal setting worksheet to explore possibilities wisely and do a little strategic planning.)

  5. Fill that glass. Folks love to say optimists see a glass as half full while pessimists see it as half empty. When we move into abundant thinking, we’re focusing on finding reasons for gratitude and recognizing what we have. If you have an abundant mindset, you see possibilities instead of limitations and so you’re going to see you can work at filling the glass until it’s as full as you want it to be!

  6. Healthy competition only (no green-eyed monsters). If you have an abundant mindset then the success of someone else isn’t going to make you feel threatened. There’s room for lots of us to achieve good things, right? Celebrate when others are successful and learn from what they do well. Jealous competition and resentment can only limit relationships and waste your energy.

  7. Keep your focus on what you can do differently or better. Some folks get bogged down in negative self-talk when things don’t go as planned. Do not get stuck in that victim mindset! When you focus on the negative, you limit your thinking. Not only that, but steeping yourself in anxiety, fear, anger, or any of the myriad negative emotions is stressful and stress wreaks havoc on our physical health, too. Don’t be afraid to fail! With an abundant mindset, you can find the emotional courage to learn from your mistakes and pursue limitless possibilities.

If you try these seven tips to reframe your thoughts and rewrite your inner dialogue, you can stop limiting your thinking by changing from a scarcity mindset (I can’t, it’s not possible, there isn’t any way, etc.) to an abundant mindset (I can try, it might work if I explore the possibilities, I can find a way, etc.).

Building an abundant mindset is life-changing. Leave the “what if I don’t?” and “what if I can’t” behind for a big “what’s next?!” so that you embrace life and all its possibilities.

Coach’s Questions:

When you think about dreams and goals, what is your current mindset? How have you limited your dreams or hopes? What can you do this week to start building an abundant mindset or making it stronger? What big, audacious ideas do you have for the new year?