As someone who was new to the coaching process, I didn’t know what to expect. Renae took a patient, caring approach during our sessions which allowed me to feel comfortable and relaxed no matter how stressful my day was. Her calm, caring demeanor set me at ease, which I really appreciated.

Renae always started our sessions by seeking out problems I was facing, and found ways of unpacking them in ways that I never would have thought of myself. She has a great ability to understand the real issues, even when I was unable to articulate them at that time. Renae asked the right questions at the right times, allowed for reflection and was able to push me out of my comfort zone to challenge me to be a better leader.

Glen LafrenaisDirector of Operations, Downtown Winnipeg Biz

“One of the first areas of focus for me was building my sense of belonging/confidence within our senior management team. This was driven primarily by the fact that I decided to go to college and always wished that I had gone to university and obtained a degree. Within the first couple of minutes working with Janet she took a very direct and logical way of addressing this which made me feel more at ease.

I really appreciated Janet’s genuine, inquisitive approach and her sense of humour. I would recommend Janet for anyone who is looking to change their perspective and learn how to look at things from a different/higher level.

Overall I feel that the time I spent with Janet has had a substantial positive impact on my leadership development and has given me a perspective that will remain with me forever.”

Nathan JohnsonClient Services Director

We are off to a great start at work, our team really has grown.

I see the DISC at work, we are definitely using our tools.

[Doing the DiSC workshop with you] was the best decision I have made as a business owner and frankly I don’t know where we would be today without it.

We grew 15% last year, have a full house and zero staff turnover. Not bad!

Next week we are holding performance management reviews. It was actually pretty amazing to read them and see the parallels [with DiSC profiles]. It will be a good positive exercise for everyone. I had requested when sending the email with the PM’s attached that the staff bring their DISC’s. We use them when conflict arises but also handy to have at all meetings so far.

Megan TurnerOwner and Teacher, Montessori School

The introductory One Day Workshop offered for ‘Everything DiSC Management’ was well received by our leadership Team members. It provided an understanding for leadership and managing people, and served as a foundation for providing our Team with shared language around leadership, and awareness of each of our strengths and leadership styles.

The workshop provides the understanding of how to effectively communicate with each other, and to read our respective employees’ behaviour types. The Workshop provides effective techniques for motivating and developing the staff who report to us.

I have received only positive feedback from all participants and look forward to further building on this foundation to build a highly effective team.

Lucy LombardiVP, Finance

I’ve been working with Nathalie Marceau and she has a lovely way of helping me face reality and look creatively into the future. Her suggestions, probing questions and listening ear are very much appreciated.

Karen CharltonCommissioner of Public ServicesCity of Medicine Hat

Thank you for the great session yesterday! The material we covered over the course of our three sessions has resonated with me and I believe our team will continue down this path and use the tools in our toolbox!

I have learned so much from our sessions and am grateful and fortunate to be part of an awesome team!

Thank you for being a remarkable facilitator…your delivery of the material is absolutely outstanding!

Jennifer A.A Five Behaviours Workshop Participant

Working with Patrick and his team has been such a positive, transformational experience for our organization.

The insights provided into our leadership culture and team dynamics, the flexibility to adapt deliveries to meet emerging needs as we go through the process, and the commitment to results are all outstanding.

I highly recommend this company!

Merete HeggelundCAOCity of Medicine Hat

Padraig really helped us break down some barriers in our senior leadership team. I believe we better understand each other and how our styles can work to compliment each other.

J WillGeneral Manager, Human Resources

I wanted to reach out to say a HUGE thank you to Eve Gaudet for the coaching this afternoon. Going into the meeting, I was feeling a little nervous and was shaking a little, not gonna lie! I am very proud, to say the least, at how I delivered today and so much of that came from you walking me through this in a way that still felt genuine and right. It’s moments like that which truly help to strengthen my leadership.
So, thank you.

Chrystle McIntoshManager, Hospitality OperationsThe Forks Renewal Corporation

Coaching with Padraig provided me with the tools to challenge not only myself by my staff as well in the development and growth of our portfolio. Through the process I gained insight into the opportunities to stretch my team to take key calculated risks which resulted in strong return on investment and the reaping of rewards for our patients and clients. I also gained greater insight into not only my own strengths but those of my team and was able to develop strategy to harness these to their maximal impact.

Stacy GreeningAlberta Health Services

I was brought in under very difficult circumstances. On a scale of 1 to 10, before the Accelerating Success program I would say my new team’s relationship with me was hovering near a one. After the program it was easily a nine and now, six weeks later I would say it is still and eight or nine. This program was amazing – a game changer.

A College Director

Yesterday (Accelerating Success Workshop) was the most productive meeting of its kind that I have participated in for a decade. Thanks for leading the time and the legwork beforehand.

Brian HagermanSenior Development ManagerNew York Life

“Working with Tyler has been a very rewarding experience, he has helped me in identifying my goals and what I needed to do, to get there. In a relatively short period of time he has helped me achieve my short term goals and continue to work towards to my long term goal by keeping me focused and engaged in developing the skills that I require to be a leader in my organization. One conversation at a time, I have been able to grow both professionally and personally and realize that anything is possible.”

K. WoodsThe Forks

“I’d been negotiating with a potential sponsor for several months. The company hadn’t done large-scale best practice sponsorship before so the learning curve was steep. I’d offered a range of possible opportunities that could meet their goals and objectives in various ways.

They were stuck on one particular opportunity which I eventually realized would not deliver the results they wanted to see. In mild frustration the potential client said to me, that trying to find the right fit was “like walking through a bowl of Jell-o.” Then it hit me – I was explaining a dynamic range of limitless possibilities to someone who wanted to see a comparative inventory spreadsheet with pros and cons. I was negotiating with a DiSC “C.”

I went back to the drawing board and prepared a spreadsheet. We reviewed it together – and in two days his company made a unanimous decision to sponsor a different property at $10,000 per year more than we’d originally discussed, for a three year term! This was the first time I really applied what I’ve learned about DiSC with Padraig – and wow, did it deliver!

A sponsorship manager with a large public attraction

“Patrick led the Everything DiSC Management workshop with an effective balance of listening and participating.  It was also, importantly, respectful in ensuring participants only need share what was comfortable for them. Patrick was a very skilled presenter; he managed the group in a highly effective manner.  He spoke intelligently but without unnecessary jargon.  He was highly articulate, had deep knowledge of the topic and understood the subtleties and sensitivities of working with such a diverse team.”

Lori YarchukUniversity of Manitoba

“The coaching provided by Patrick O’Reilly of Padraig Coaching and Consulting was very beneficial to me. The approach used for the coaching was very collegial and used questioning and discussion techniques that drew out the solutions from me. The coaching helped me to organize my thoughts, identify solutions, as well as make and implement action plans.Ultimately, the coaching assisted me to resolve some work issues during a very stressful time in the development of the Museum. I would highly recommend Padraig Coaching and Consulting for executive coaching.”

Susanne RobertsonChief Financial OfficerCanadian Museum for Human Rights

“Patrick and his team have helped us change the way we communicate as a team, helped us adapt our leadership styles to individual team members and individual situations and guided us to a shared vision of the organization we want to be.  As my personal coach, Patrick has helped me identify my bigger goals and the obstacles in my growth as a leader and has helped me figure out how I want to overcome those challenges while implementing a solid plan to achieve those bigger goals.  I have grown as a leader by working with Patrick and that has led to a significant return on investment for me personally and for our organization.  I am very pleased to now see that ROI magnifying as we roll out coaching with many more of our team.”

“Working with Patrick at Padraig Coaching & Consulting raised my awareness about my strengths and weaknesses as a leader and helped me develop strategies for addressing challenges in the workplace and helped me become much more aware of how I was perceived by my direct-reports and others working most closely with me.  I think I am a stronger leader because I have had the chance to “think out loud” and thanks to Patrick’s probing questions, have often arrived at my own conclusions to complex problems.

David MandzukDean of EducationUniversity of Manitoba

“I have had the pleasure of working with several members of the Padraig Coaching and Consulting team. Life altering may seem dramatic, but without their coaching I don’t believe I would be the leader I am today. Through their work I feel I have become more effective, confident, competent and team oriented than I ever could have achieved with my own experience and education. This is both a uniquely personal experience and one that draws on solid principles of business success. I would recommend their services to any and every business that believes in the personal development of their staff in order to ensure the overall success of their organization.”

Clare MacKayVice-PresidentThe Forks North Portage Corporation

Thanks Patrick! The last few months have been quite possibly the most challenging of my career and with your help I was able to navigate some pretty rough waters. Thank you very much.”

A lawyer and law society leader in Canada

“Thank you very much it was a wonderful session yesterday and you are a great presenter, your delivery is down to earth, yet professional and I felt inspired afterwards. I walked away feeling energized and I could tell others felt similar…the DISC gave me a good look at my strengths to continue to build upon along with excellent feedback on room for improvements. I am also very aware of others “styles” something I didn’t really take into account prior to this session.”

“I wanted to say thanks again for the coaching sessions.  I look back now and realize how much they have helped me.  Your coaching really allowed me to make clearer in my mind what I want out of a career and life.

Zack McMillanOwnerCrossFit Rocked

You mined our organization to get insight into our issues, and then you effectively guided us as we dealt with them. I’m cynical about workshops as a rule, but you are smart, and focussed and very helpful.”

I was able to have the difficult but necessary conversation…in a positive environment. Thank you, Patrick; I really appreciate all you have done for me and for our office.”

An employee of a major Canadian university

“Your valuable time and obvious expertise … has already helped us immensely as we focus on our short-term goals and needs. We greatly appreciate that you have responded with such compassion and tangible generosity to our need for help. We are now able to bring to our board and to Gio’s Club and Bar clarity of focus and a work plan. Your direction and guidance made for a very exciting day of confronting “where we need to go from here.”

Jay RichPresident