Coaches and Facilitators

Patrick O’Reilly

President and CEO, Padraig
Patrick O’Reilly leads Padraig's strategic direction in our commitment to helping successful leaders take themselves and their organizations to new heights of success. Read More...
Eve Gaudet Executive Coach

Eve Gaudet

Certified Executive Coach (PCC) and Padraig Facilitator
Eve is an executive coach with a passion for supporting others. She is known for her caring and direct style in working with her clients. Her approach is accessible ... Read More...
Renae Leitch Executive Coach

Renae Leitch

Certified Executive Coach (PCC) and Padraig Facilitator
Renae’s mission is to live everyday with intention and integrity and to make a positive difference in the lives of people that she interacts with both professionally and personally. She values ... Read More...
Janet Wright Executive Coach

Janet Wright

Certified Executive Coach (PCC) and Padraig Facilitator
For over 25 years, Janet has worked with individuals and organizations to build skills for growth and success, improving effectiveness in leadership... Read More...
Kathleen Cameron Executive Coach

Kathleen Cameron

Certified Executive Coach (ACC) and Padraig Facilitator
Kathleen’s easy-going nature allows her to collaborate with clients in a positive, energetic and dynamic way. She believes a solid partnership is... Read More...
James Simms Executive Coach

Jim Simms

Certified Executive Coach (PCC) and Padraig Facilitator
Jim Simms is passionate about helping individuals and organizations advance through complexity or to solve hard problems. He has a rich history of building ... Read More...
Katharine Cherewyk Executive Coach

Katharine Cherewyk

Certified Executive Coach (ACC) and Padraig Facilitator
By exploring hidden or ignored ambitions, Katharine helps her clients grow into their leadership by getting at the heart of what is holding them back so that they can define their success and move forward with a strong commitment and a solid plan. Read More...
Cathy McConnell Certified Executive Coach

Cathy McConnell

Certified Executive Coach (PCC) and Padraig Facilitator
Cathy’s belief is that everyone who has the desire and the commitment to make positive change has the ability to reach their highest potential. Cathy’s approach to coaching is based on partnership, ... Read More...

Our Support Team

Michael Haight

Virtual CFO
Michael Haight of Finatics Accounting Solutions is the Virtual CFO for Padraig and the Finatics Virtual Accounting Team handles the day-to-day transactions for the business. Read More...

Tricia Hiebert

Virtual Assistant and Office Manager
Tricia is our office manager and leads production behind-the-scenes for our blogs and email lists as well as serving as producer of our online workshops. Read More...

Karen Murphy Corr

Writer and Editor
A former staff writer for a daily newspaper, Karen is the wordsmith behind our blog who takes... Read More...