About Padraig

Our Approach

In 2012, Padraig started as an executive coaching company, providing exceptional one-to-one coaching to leaders who wanted to be better.

Since then, we’ve grown to include programs to build more cohesive leadership teams, coach-led leadership peer programs bringing leaders from many industries together for shared growth and leadership building programs used by client organizations throughout North America.

Through all that growth I’m proud that we’ve remained a client-focused boutique leadership firm – working with larger clients to create bespoke programs while providing done-for-you leadership programs for smaller clients.

Patrick O’Reilly, Founder

Our Values

Our values are the ideals we aspire to put into action.

At Padraig, we strive every day to be:


  • Being inquisitive without judgement.
  • Staying humble whilst seeking to understand.
  • Listening to understand rather than to reply.
  • Leading with engagement and questions.


  • Giving of our time and talent.
  • Sharing openly and with heart.
  • Recognizing silence is valuable and an opportunity for reflection.


  • Acknowledging conflict and challenging issues that arise.
  • Communicating what we need.
  • Learning from failure.
  • Apologizing and seeking to do better.


  • Owning our strengths and sharing them with others.
  • Taking responsibility for our own growth.
  • Acknowledging and checking our assumptions.
  • Reconciling our past so we can move forward.

Community Builders

  • Supporting each other with kindness and respect.
  • Valuing relationships while seeking to achieve shared goals.
  • Respecting, acknowledging and celebrating our differences.
  • Understanding that everyone’s job, no matter what the title, is “relationship manager.”

Our Team

We do what we do at Padraig because we want to help organizations develop managers and leaders who are talented, confident, skilled executives who lead others to great success.

Each of our leadership and executive coaches earned a Graduate Certificate in Executive Coaching, each is certified by the International Coach Federation (ICF) and all our staff are devoted to helping you and your managers succeed.

Our Success

We help organizations develop leaders who are talented, confident, resilient and successful.

What do our clients have to say about Padraig?

Our Service Area

Padraig works with clients throughout North America. We have internationally certified executive coaches in Nanaimo, BC; Victoria, BC; Edmonton, AB; Winnipeg, MB; Southern Ontario and Eastern Ontario.

Our Service Area

Padraig works with clients throughout North America. We have internationally certified executive coaches in Nanaimo, BC; Victoria, BC; Edmonton, AB; Winnipeg, MB; Southern Ontario and Eastern Ontario.

Padraig Growth Timeline


Padraig is founded as a sole proprietorship that quickly becomes federally incorporated.

The incorporation brings together superb executive coaches from across North America who share a vision of assisting organizations and their leaders to thrive in today’s emotionally intelligent world.

Padraig becomes a certified partner of the Everything DiSC suite of assessment tools and the EQi and EQ360 emotional intelligence assessment tools.

Padraig begins serving clients in the US as well as Canada.


Padraig begins offering in-house leadership development workshops with DiSC to corporations and governments.

Padraig introduces the Five Behaviours of a Cohesive Team program.

Padraig begins developing its own branded leadership programs to meet the needs raised by coaching clients.

In response to the global pandemic, Padraig redesigns all live programs to deliver excellent ROI in a virtual environment – providing a live alternative to in-person programs.

Padraig launches The Partnership and The Network – coach-led, peer leadership groups to assist clients who are struggling with work-from-home during the pandemic. The programs are so successful that they continue post-pandemic.


Padraig launches its coaching client portal that allows individual clients to contact their coach, schedule sessions and read and share material with their coach.

The portal also provides organizational clients with reporting and coordination for their staff engagements with Padraig.

Padraig launches MyLeadershipTools.com. The online learning portal offers learn at your own pace courses and micro-courses, providing leaders with in-the-moment leadership learning.

Padraig partners with Eclectic Communication to create the one-stop shop for organizational development and learning at Odality.ca